"In my heart of hearts I believe it’s about looking within. Who’s in your circle of people? Who’s teaching your children? Who are you inviting into your home? What is your own bias?”

~Tania Richard


"As a congregation of mostly white adult Jews, we are using our sacred synagogue as a container for difficult conversations, for elevating our own complicity in racism, racist institutions and racist culture –in the same ways that we let religion hold us as we work on our own selves and we repair the world. Tania Richard led our synagogue in becoming more equitable and conscious in correcting our own racism. Her humor, patience and truth-telling helped us open to this work further.  Her suggestion for us to “take the note” – to graciously receive difficult feedback and then take it upon ourselves (not the person of color) to learn and change was practical and savvy. As Tania taught, we are shining a tiny flashlight into the darkness, taking this work one step at a time. I’m grateful to Tania for helping us turn the light on in the first place."

~Rabbi Rachel Weiss, Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation


“Tania is funny, theatrical, direct, and pulls no punches. Tania calls it as she sees it where race and racism is concerned.”

-Nina Kavin of Dear Evanston 



Tania speaks to the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 Board

Tania's Take on Liam Neeson

and what NOT to do when you have messed up talking about race

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